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Lineo is a Nigerian musician and an award winning hip hop star that uses his AfroHip House rhythm to tease and appease music lovers all over the world. The Genre ‘Afro Hip House according to Lineo is a fusion of Afro beats, Funk and House (Dancing, Partying … and all the stuff that comes with it). Afro Hip House is sophisticated, sexy, provocative and stylish; it fuses African and European, urban and traditional, Afro-pop and Sangoma trance. It is hip, flash and proudly African.  He is the first Nigerian Hip Hop Artist to perform at New York Apollo Theater.
Lineo has worked with artists such as World renowned artist “Tuface”, DaGrin, and a host of other artists and is signed to Dengit Music Group under his burgeoning versa entertainment and Management Company called Dengit House Productions.  Lineo is fresh, energetic and is what you call a quintessential all round Entertainer and Entrepreneur of the new millennium.  
Lineo AKA “The Elepepe Master” is a charming lad and he loves to entertain. He slowly stepped away from music to launch himself on another platform “Film” establishing himself as something bigger than a star. After generating the singles “Get Under”, “Funky High” and “Burst my brain”, and other musical endeavors in 2012,  the astute entertainer set to work on his project has the Executive Producer of  the movie titled  ”The Courier” starring notable Nollywood actors such as Ramsey Noah and Joseph Benjamin. The movie hit the box office and selling across all Silverbird cinemas in March 2013.
Lineo is one of the prominent Nigeria’s songwriters, singers, rappers and producers. He has performed in several international concerts, award shows, cultural events and so on. He has won several awards such as the ICON Award for the Nigeria’s most promising artist in 2008. He has enjoyed a fair share of attention in Nigeria’s music industry. One of his first singles “I Dey Ring”, released in 2004, became a popular ringtone for many. “Let’s Get It Started” (2007) followed with a video that enjoyed wide rotation. He has had successful tours in the UK, USA and several countries in Africa.
Lineo recently performed at the 6th Annual African Cultural Alliance of North America (ACANA) Festival, which took place on Saturday, August 3, 2013. @ Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing (Water Front),Philadelphia, PA. ACANA festival is part of the PECO Multicultural Series, an out door concert experience that brings artists, groups and dance troupes from around the African continent to perform.


Lineo  ft. Dagrin - Show Me The Money (Official Video) @MyLineo

Lineo ft. Dagrin - Show Me The Money (Official Video) @MyLineo

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LINEO  -   Burst My Brain ( Afro Hip House )

LINEO - Burst My Brain ( Afro Hip House )

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